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Hello! - Hysteria - 01-11-2017

Even tho i dont plan to play this anymore, i dont even know how i got into this page again lol, but seeing those post about dovee confirms me what i always tought, that guy even took most of the pokemons away from my acc lmao.

But what i've been doing all this time, well i am CCNP R&S and Security, CEHv9, currently studing for OSCP.

Theres an old saying : Always give something back.

Hows everyone doing?

RE: Hello! - ahmed1 - 01-11-2017

goood and welcome back to game if you want

RE: Hello! - Jinji - 01-11-2017

I'm humbled that you chose to catch up with us. I wish you all the best with your education Smile