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Happy Fossilween! (EVENT CLOSED)
I almost forgot~!

Thank you for the event. It was very creative and educational. The prices were very good (too good i would say! we dont deserve two gen 4 pokes at the same time xD). The quests were difficult and challenging in the start ,but after i finished them they seemed very easy except the grunt part and the random bugs that were dropping on out heads ( i really hated those parts). The move tutors in the maps in my opinion were bad choice (except the pain split one maybe),but the moves that mime jr had, were very good . And lastly there were no good spawns in the maps until the last map opened,before that it was a larvitar event. Even the pokes that were not that rare outside the map like gligar it had the same tier.
Overall it was great event even i could not get a special poke for myself xD. Thank you again and keep the good work.

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