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Help - Stuck in spot
I'm currently stuck in a forest, even though I entered the House off Route 27 (With the lady who heals your pokemon)
I cannot move from the spot and have tried re-logging in to see if it made any difference. I don't have any escape rope, so I'm stuck.

[Image: 15f0y7m.png]
As you can see, I'm stuck in one spot in a tree. 

Help would be appreciated, especially if it can spawn me out from this spot.

to unstuck yourself you can try :
This refreshes your connection to the PWO server.
'joy' is not short for Nurse Joy, rather for 'joystick', and if this command works it may indicate you have a peripheral device connected to your computer which is conflicting with PWO.
or log out from game then try to run the client as admin
[Image: 17022602043716763114876764.png]
you can also try battling any player, if you lose , you get teleported to last visited pokemon centre
[Image: rats_000.png]
Is this the only time this has happened? Or have you been able to recreate this? If it happens more than once, please report it on the Bug Tracker as it may point to an NPC or Map issue.
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Well that is what happens to me when I'm near blackthorn/mahogany.

Then I have to run the program as admin or in sandboxie to solve this.
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